Which is a good product for me

Was ein gutes Produkt für mich ist

I'm standing in the kitchen cleaning my roommate's juicer. I curse and imagine myself doing horrible things to those in charge of this Juicer. “Surely they went on vacation with the money they earned designing a juicer,” I think to myself as the juicer stubbornly refuses to be dismantled for cleaning.

Anyone who designs a product that I don't actually want to use because it gets in the way of the goal I have in mind is a shitty product. End. Out of.

This does not mean any moral claim, no influence on the world, no sustainability and no social responsibility.

That's what comes to mind, and I think it's not particularly socially responsible that the spaces in the inner workings of this juicer have developed a life of their own. This is due to the fruit residues that cannot be removed because this stupid device continues to show Gallic resistance to being dismantled into its individual parts so that it can then be put back together again and is functional. Some engineer is responsible for my suffering, and I find it irresponsible to design such a product without thinking a meter further. If you don't think about how to clean such a kitchen appliance, I don't think you have developed a good product.

If it's just that this isn't the feeling you get with Kaemp 8848 products, because they simply don't stand in the way of your goal at any point, then I'm satisfied. Every product has its limitations. I can't expect a juicer to do my taxes. And I can't expect my down jacket to still be super warm after I've soaked it in the pouring rain. Unfortunately, that's the nature of things, and our Kaemp 8848 down jackets are DWR coated to keep the inside of the jacket dry for as long as possible. Nevertheless, it simply doesn't make a rain jacket. But as close as you can get to this product that allows you to stay focused on the activity without having to stress over any piece of equipment, that's a good product.