Climbing to a mountain peak and watching the sunrise over the untracked snow is what KAEMP 8848 means. This peak is always your personal Everest, the place where your own boundaries and the boundaries of the world merge.

Equipment that disappears in this climb because it is so good that it no longer needs to be thought about is the goal. It starts with the equipment itself, with pockets in places where you don't have to look for them and made of materials that are light enough to not be noticeable in a backpack and robust enough to withstand the rock.

It ends up being that every product that is made has an impact on the world and with every jacket there is a responsibility to the world. With the claim to be really good in every sense, KAEMP 8848 strives for excellence.

The KAEMP 8848 equipment should not only be of high quality, but should also be traded fairly globally. For a company that comes from Nepal and develops, tests and continually improves its products in the Himalayas, the preservation of the mountains and the people who live at their feet are what drives them more than anything else in this world. Fair trade is not just that workers in Kathmandu are paid fairly, but also that the idea comes from Nepal and trade from the global south to the global north questions power relations and radically opposes the blunt consumption of 'more' . We act socially responsible, fairly and against the flow of ideas in which a company in California develops a product for the highest mountains in the world, which is then sewn in Vietnam and worn in Paris, London or New York.

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