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We are Tobias and Linus. We stand up for the Kaemp 8848 mission and tell the story. We share a great connection to Nepal and countless visits, excursions and climbs in the Himalayas.

For us, our love for the mountains has two sides.

On one side of the coin of this love is mountain sports, which we do with passion. When climbing, ski touring or trail running, we meet ourselves in nature and learn about ourselves. The perfect equipment is essential so that you no longer have to think about it. That is what defines the Kaemp 8848 products for us. They are so well thought out that no sport needs to be given a second thought. For the love of the mountains, the experience and getting to know your own limits.

On the other side of this coin is the environment.

As nice as it is to climb a mountain, it is not morally right for us to do so with equipment that destroys the world around us or reinforces injustices. From the materials to good manufacturing conditions, this is the only way we are able to stand for products that are really good in every sense. We see that the world is becoming more and more globalized. Typically the same people always benefit from this and this is where Kaemp 8848 is different. Not only does Kaemp 8848 produce under fair working conditions and have family relationships with the workers, but the design and ideas are in Kathmandu with Prabin, the founder of Kaemp 8848 and his family. We see ourselves as a mouthpiece and as a carrier of this mission, which is consistent with our values.

Out of a deep connection to nature and the world, we believe that global trade should not be exploitative, that materials should not harm the people who produce them, and that justice does not end with a Fairtrade seal. For us, fairness is the mountaintop where people can be equal in their differences and have the opportunity to experience their own limits. Because origin should not be an exclusion criterion.

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