The sustainable hardshell alternative to Gore-Tex

Die nachhaltige Hardshell Alternative zu Gore-Tex


The rain has been pelting you incessantly for hours. You lug your gear around and try to make the most of the weather. You'll sweat a lot under your rain jacket, but it doesn't feel stuffy - the jacket serves exactly its purpose: it reliably protects you from the rain and effectively transports the sweat to the outside!

Dermizax was developed in Japan by the company Toray and, compared to well-known membranes such as Gore-Tex or eVent, offers some extremely clever properties that are particularly effective in functional mountain sports clothing.


The Dermizax membrane made of polyurethane (PU) differs from many other membranes in that it does not have clogable pores. The material is hydrophilic, meaning there are small, water-loving molecules in the membrane that transport moisture to the outside. These molecules move faster through the membrane at higher temperatures, whether due to the ambient temperature or the activity of the carrier. So when the humidity and heat inside the jacket increase, the temperature difference to the outside environment ensures that more moisture is transported to the outside.

As with all membranes, whether with or without pores, the following applies: without such a temperature gradient there is no breathability. So, for example, if you run through the jungle at 34 °C and an average humidity of 90%, no membrane in the world will be able to ensure a comfortable climate under the jacket. However, in temperate or cool climates, where you are likely to spend more time than in the tropics, especially in rainy weather, Dermizax is one of the leading materials in terms of breathability.

Dermizax is made from polyurethane and is 100% recyclable.

In contrast to membranes made of PTFE, the production of which can produce waste products that are harmful to health, Dermizax has a significantly better ecological balance.